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Mont Blanc Presence Mont Blanc Image

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Presence   

37 Reviews

Mont Blanc Presence cologne is about the presence of a man in a woman's life. Presence embodies his personality, his charisma, his aura, his scent. His presence in turn, evokes her emotions. This ethereal fragrance with top notes of bergamot and ginger, balances the heart and mind.

75 ml EDT Spray
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75 ml EDT Spray (Tester)
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Mont Blanc Presence cologne is about the presence of a man in a woman's life. Presence embodies his personality, his charisma, his aura, his scent. His presence in turn, evokes her emotions. This ethereal fragrance with top notes of bergamot and ginger, balances the heart and mind.

  • PURRR06/01/2008

    This one makes me purrr. Guys, If you wear this - your lady will be one happy kitty. Yowza!!!!!

  • ALFIE05/10/2007

    The scent is between Gucci Pour Homme and Gucci pour Homme II. It's less heavier than Gucci PH but it's lil bit much heavier than Gucci PH II. It smells like cigarette and so classy. It suitable for evening occasion.

  • KEVINB.10/06/2007

    one thing you can count on with all of mb's fragrances is quality and staying power. with these new fragrances coming out now that last one hour its good to know your getting your money's worth with mb. hope it stays that way.

  • GURPREET30/08/2006

    It smells just like the cheap hair gel i used once. or shall i say that the hair gel smelled like this. this ruined this smell for me. i like it though.


    Spicy but refreshingly sophisticated and quite sensual fragrance is excellent for all-around useage indoors and out.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC25/03/2006

    Rather sophisticated and still fairly unknown cologne from the popular pen maker is spicy with refreshing apple making it great for any occasion anytime anywhere.

  • AKEN415/01/2006

    This is one of my favorites. All the Mont Blancs smell great but this is the best, even better than the new Starwalker. This too is a unique scent. It's fairly strong but not overpowering and lasts. Cool bottle too. Great for work or play :)

  • SABBO12/01/2006

    This is a scent I'll wear untill the end. Somehow subtle and non-overpowering, yet like its name (Mont Blanc is the largest Mountain in Western Europe). It has the ability to make heads turn and have its presence known. Perfect for the office board room and even better on the dance floor. This is one that doesn't fade easy and is enhanced when the temperature rises. 10/10 for me and all the ladies love it when I wear it so I'd say a 10/10 from them as well.

  • X.G.09/01/2006

    Starts out pretty spicy with its ginger note but eventually dries down and warms up to a rather refreshing and sophisticated casual daywear fragrance.

  • DUC16/12/2005

    Modern, sophisticated, refreshing and sensually spicy first time fragrance from pen maker MB seems to be under the radar these days which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I prefer sleepers and I like this one just as good as the third- Individuel. Guess I'll just wait patiently for the actual latest from the designer- Starwalker to come to this website and I'm sure you've tried that one already haven't you, Rob H?

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON03/12/2005

    Starts out a bit too spicy/peppery but eventually dries down VERY nicely to the refreshing apple note.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU04/11/2005

    Hey, how about that! A refreshingly sophisticated casual/daywear fragrance that's just as good as this designer's pens.

  • SYNERGY12/10/2005

    I love the apple in this sexy and masculine fragrance from master pen maker Mont Blanc as I do in KC's Reaction. I think more colognes should have an apple note in it for guaranteed freshness. My next favorite from this designer right after Individuel.

  • TONY T27/08/2005

    but not as green as paul smith. very minty scent. not a head turner. better than average green scent, even though i prefer s.a. please if you love this scent don't be deterred by my so-so review.3.3 stars, but green ain't my thing..

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE01/07/2005

    A pleasantly sophisticated and great all around fragrance that's just a prelude to an even better aroma.........Individuel.

  • MICK 23/02/2005

    I have owned various fragrances including Gucci Rush, Dolce Gabbana, Diesel Masculine, Carolina Herrera, Emporio Armani....I have to admit Presence is the best scent I have owned. It smells very modern and has excellent staying power. The first day I tried it, at least 4 female coworkers approached my desk to compliment on how wonderful I smelled(I kid you not!). The bottle has an amazing design. As the ad mentions, it definitely instills romance. The best I can describe it is very "ethereal".

  • DHANUSHAN CK24/11/2004

    to all women u can use this as an alternative to pepper spray..seriously guys dont use this. its right royal crap

  • CATHERINE16/09/2004

    While shopping last night my husband tried on a couple of frangrances. Although he didn't try the Presence (I've got the female version), he did try Individuel which was fantastic. Really warm, not overpowering but with excellent staying power. We both liked it right from the top notes until hours later!! We're going back to buy a bottle today.

  • ROB H.03/06/2004

    I don't think I would qualify this in my top ten selection of my collection which is around 50 but Presence IS quite sophisticated and so is the bottle. It is good for casual wear as well as the office, but don't expect EVERY woman that walks near you to compliment you to the highest.

  • ERIC = O)18/04/2004

    It's a VERY feminine-smelling scent that lingers and causes headaches. It's floral and sweet, and i waited for the scent to evolve into something a little more soft and musky, but it never happened. It seems to lack the complexity of other colognes in this price range.

  • JTP30/12/2003

    GF got this for me and I think it's great and it lasts pretty long too. Other around me like the sent but I do get some strage comments on it. One was that I smell like beer? The was one hour after a shower and haven't had a brew in a few nights.

  • KEN19/10/2003

    It takes some getting used to at first. One of the better oriential scents, and unique. The bottle, is amazing. Absolutely great for cool weather and nights. For the sophisticated gentleman

  • CHRIS COLOGNE15/08/2003

    I sampled this stuff at a Mont blanc store in the South Park mall in Charlotte and its not bad at all. To me Mont Blanc Presence smelled kind of minty. I dont think mint is one of the ingredients but it seemed to have a wintergreen kind of scent. did anyone besides me think so?

  • DARK16/07/2003

    very nice fragrance. Good for special ocassions and nights out.

  • AARNE25/05/2003

    Simply the VERY best fragrance, I`ve ever had!

  • MAURICIO08/05/2003

    Hey Guys if you don't like Mont Blanc Presence, try the new Cool version, a very fresh and light perfume for casual wear.

  • DJPETERDEE28/04/2003

    this stuff smells like pepper.

  • NOOPY13/02/2003

    This smells wonderful on my husband, I always wanted a Monte Blonc pen, but this is even better, it smells wonderful and lasts too!. Need to have more of it, the after shave for men and the shower gel, lotion and soap for women.

  • RIC26/12/2002

    Here is a classic example of a nice light fragrance that you should NEVER over do. too much will equal a household cleaner smell - two sprays is a nice aura. From Mont Blanc, I prefer the pens.

  • ZEUS06/11/2002

    This fragrance is nice and smooth, it is very easy on the senses. very similar to Gucci Envy but even nicer. Different looking bottle that is a bit awkward to use. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • MAURICIO23/10/2002

    Very very well made, similar to guccy envy, an elegant but not to strong perfume. Good for well dressed people

  • LIGEIA31/08/2002

    it/s one of the man-perfumes that smells amaising on me

  • MIA14/07/2002

    I bought it with a Mont Blanc ball pen for my husband as a birthday gift and it becomes his favourite now.

  • KCYONG16/04/2002

    i bought this fragrance because i were quite amazed by it beautiful flacon (actually it has been nomineeted for this year European fifi award in the best men flacon category). However, i am quite satisfied with it's classical spicy, woody and musky notes after i have applied it for my office days. Buddy!!It's a quite worthy thing to purchase this such a good classical scent in a nice designed flacon.

  • AL13/04/2002

    this smells just like jovan white musk

  • JUAN C ZAMBRANO12/12/2001

    well i love this fragrance i smell it alll the time at the stores but i dont own it so that is what i would like for Xmas

  • BLACKREX12/11/2001

    It has a nice light scent. The women on the train and bus I take to and from work love it. However, the scent wears off by 5:00.

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